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Tour With Alice Ha:

08/02 - Poitiers @ La Minute Blonde

09/02 - Périgueux @ Le Grâal

10/02 - Angoulême @ Bock'n'roll


Tour With Panic Monster:

28/02 - Tours @ Oxford pub (+cruusk)

29/02 - Chessy @ House show

01/03 - Nevers @ Le Conti

02/03 - Nancy @ Au Bon Temps

03/03 - Besançon @ Les Passagers du Zinc


Germany (With Romans nailed it)

06/03 - Trier @ CraftProtz

07/03 - St Wendel @ JJ's

08/03 - Wiesbaden @ Tagwerk

09/03 - Enkirch @ Tom’s Kneipe

10/03 - Lemberg @ Le Domino's


16/03 - Pusignan @ Comptoir de la bascule


Corsica: TBA

18-19-20 tba


23/04 - House Show @ Arras

24/04 - Lille @ Tba


26/04 - Callian @ Le Brassitorium

27/04 - Sorgues @ Private event


10/05 - Lausanne @ Tba

18/05 - Saint-Genis @ L'Alchimiste

24/05 - Ruminettes @ La Ferme des Ruminettes


01/06 - Oytier-Saint-Oblas @ Fest du tonton (full band)

02/06 - Marcellaz @ Le 648 café

08/06 - Davézieux @ Espace Montgolfier ( Release Party - Full Band)

09/06 - Lyon @ Kraspek (Release Party solo)

22/06 - Private Event


09/08 - Private show (07)


Crash Test 25

OMG! There it is,


I've never mentionned this dude before but let me introduce you my very good friend Woody M.


In Oct 18th, a new split CD will be released. It's a limited run of only a 100 copies available.


Back then, when I was 14. I met this guy at the bus stop. We spoke for a few minutes then we both had the feeling that we really got along.


So, Woody offered me to come over at his parents, because in the basement, he had a guitar and he wanted to show me how good he was at playing...


Back  home, I told my parents, "I wanna play guitar, this is soooo cool, Woody and I will start a band!"


Next Xmas, my parents (or Santa Claus maybe) offered me this electric guitar (that I still play after 25 years) and we started a band and  both tried to understand how music works. It took us a while to play good music...


In order to celebrate these 25 years of strong friendship, we've decided to record a this Split. It's all home made and I'm kinda very proud of it, not perfect, but made with our burning hearts.


Feel free to contact me if you wanna order this baby.


Take Care.



SUMMER TOUR and good news

I'm super excited to get back on the road next month in Italy!

You'll find every info on the "tour dates" page. Looking forward to coming back!


This said, Too many things are on the way. I'm gonna release a split CD with my best pal Woody M. It's a project we started recording at home many months ago in order to celebrate 25 years of friendship! Looking forward to sharing it with you guys!


I'm also recording at my studio "My dear sailor", a new Split project with another very good friend of mine, Trint Eastwood, former guitarist of the band UNCOMMONMENFROMMARS.

We tried to start a band in 2018 but it took us a bit of time to get what we both really wanted.

Now we know! We are recording a split that will be called Minte, not really a band, not really a split. We are recording some UMFM covers turned to pop/acoustic, a few brand new songs we composed and wrote together and a few songs coming from our own solo projects.


Well, I'm also working on my fourth album, writing new songs and I have to say, I'm pretty proud of what's coming out from my mind!!! Can't wait to share it with you guys!


Take care.






Super stocked to hit the road again with this beautiful gentleman from Italy named Tommaso AKA Girless.

We're going to spend a week together and it's gonna be insane!!! :)

Teaming up with Epic Merch

The awesome dudes of Epic Merch and I finally teamed up to make more merch available! (Old and news designs!)

You can check out everything here: MIKE NOEGRAF ON EPIC MERCH

Outrospection - Out December 11th

Hey dear friends, the record is now available! Get your copy there or on my own bandcamp page!


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••• Sbäm •••

Brown/orange splatter







Bundle version


Bundle version + test pressing (3 left)

First come / first served


 ••• No Reason Records •••


••• Bearded Punk Records •••




A crack on a frame - 2nd single/video

There goes the second video and second single of my new record “Outrospection”.
Take care.


Mermaid - Video

First single out today!

As you can see, the player has changed a bit... Hell yeah, I'm super happy to announce the release today of "Mermaid".

Available on every streaming platforms/ Soundcloud/ Bandcamp!

Please spread it to the world as much as you can! :)


With Love.



Outrospection - New Record

Hey you!!!

I'm super excited to announce the release of my new record "OUTROSPECTION"  on December 11th (DON'T MISS IT!!!)


It's such a blast for me to release it on 3 different amazing labels all over Europe.

-SBÄM records (At)

-No reason Records (It)

-Bearded punk records (Be)


I'm super happy to be a part of the SBÄM Family! Sbäm is an amazing austrian label really involved in the independant  punk scene.

As the main label, they do such an amazing work! Thanks a lot to Stefan, Captain and Nick.

I couldn't expect better for this record. Thanks to them for putting lots of effort and trust in it. They release tons of good bands like Bracket, Mercy Music, Days n Daze, Not on tour. Go check them out!



No reason records is also releasing "Outrospection" in Italy. I love these dudes so much, they put out my second album "no time for seasons" and did a lot to make this project grow bigger in Italy. It's a real love story about pizza and punk rock we both share. They also put out tons of very cool records you should definitely check out too.



Annnnd, my sweet friends from Belgium, Bearded Punk Records, are on board as well!

It's such a pleasure for me to work with these guys I met a few years ago. I can easily say I love these dudes! A part of the label is dedicated to folk-punk Music. Their first acoustic release is Ten foot pole (one of my fav band so far) and "Outrospection" is the second one!

Go check them out!!!




A year has passed.

Hey everyone! It's almost been a year since the release of my last EP "even panthers have a heart".

It's time to give some news ^^

This year was amazing. I played shows all over Europe again, in very great punk festivals and met some bands and people I like for years.

I'm also working on a new record, it's gonna get mixed this month and I wish it could be released in November.


Also, due to some reasons you probably know, I had to cancel all my shows from now until the end of june. Hope to be back soon. While this weird situation is growing up all over the world, I was thinking about putting out some vids from all of my songs since I started this project. Don't know yet if I will be able to do it anyway.


Gonna do streaming sessions on social medias like facebook. Feel free to follow my stuff there:

or there, on my personal page dedicated to music as well:

Mike Noegraf


Lots of love and virtual hugs to you all, be safe!



"Even panthers have a heart"         out today, April 4th.

Here it is!


My new Ep is out now on No Reason Records. It’s available on Spotify/Deezer and others streaming platforms.


Even panthers have a heart:



1. Sky note.

2. Fireworks.

3. As a lie.

4. Flowers and guns.

5. Andrew.

6. It terrifies me.


Recorded and mixed @ Bayside Studio by my good pal Phil Park.

Mastered @ Altho Studio Lyon.

New video out!

Happy new Ep...

Happy new year to all of you who are spending a bit of  time here and support this  project.
I'm pretty sure this year will be great!

Speaking of that, I just finished the recording of my brand new EP. 6 songs about, love, imaginary friends, existential questions, Death.

Fresh news coming soon :) Des bisous.


"No Time For Seasons" out April 6th

01 Chapter

02 Time traveller 

03 Legacy

04 Trap for memories

05 kicking the bucket

06 17th

07 Ocean

08 Inertia

09 Mrs Rose

10 Heavy with secrets

11 Earthquakeftt


Released on NO REASON RECORDS (It)



Next run is a short but a great one!

Here we are,


I'll be hitting the road with one of the best acoustic guitar player I've ever met and also one of the best singer/songwriter from the UK!


This is actually what happens when two dads decide to take a break from their obligations and go on tour! Short but intense!


See you there!

"No time for seasons" tour!


Hey Europe, I'll be hitting the road in less than a month with my good pal Alexy Golonka (Fr)


Hope you guys will show up and hang out with us cuz we're cool!

True travellers - Italian tour 2018

In less than a month, I'm gonna hit the road with my men Yotam Ben Horin, Matteo Caldari, and Zetka Mas Romain !

I'm very excited and hope you guys will come out!!!


Brand new song - Time traveller

Good times make good friends

Happy to share the stage with the handsome Tim Vantol in Lyon Next week (November the 14th) @ The kraspek Myzik!


He's currently on tour with my one on my hero Tim Van Doorn! GO check them live, they are both good as f***!

Paris: good time spent with Mister Joey Cape and the whole One Week Team

Recording session: my men!!!

Thanks to all of you guys who helped me out in order to record my new album. This one is produced by my brothers Joe McMahon of Smoke or Fire/Nothington and Tim Van Doorn. It's been recorded, mixed at Big Dog recordings studio in Antwerp (Be) and mastered by Bram Dewachter.


Frank turner/ Le marché Gare

Hi, I'm Very proud to announce I'm gonna open up for M. Frank Turner  and M. Forest Pooky on March 29th.