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Crash Test 25

OMG! There it is,


I've never mentionned this dude before but let me introduce you my very good friend Woody M.

In Oct 18th, a new split CD will be released. It's a limited run of only a 100 copies available.

Back then, when I was 14. I met this guy at the bus stop. We spoke for a few minutes then we both had the feeling that we really got along.

So, Woody offered me to come over at his parents, because in the basement, he had a guitar and he wanted to show me how good he was at playing...

Back  home, I told my parents, "I wanna play guitar, this is soooo cool, Woody and I will start a band!"

Next Xmas, my parents (or Santa Claus maybe) offered me this electric guitar (that I still play after 25 years) and we started a band and  both tried to understand how music works. It took us a while to play good music...

In order to celebrate these 25 years of strong friendship, we've decided to record a this Split. It's all home made and I'm kinda very proud of it, not perfect, but made with our burning hearts.

Feel free to contact me if you wanna order this baby.


Take Care.



Outrospection - Out December 11th


01 Fill up the blanks

02 A crack on a frame

03 Like is a trial

04 Mermaid

05 The age of reason

06 Skin and bones

07 The wave

08 Moving West

09 Black Birds

10 Scott

11 Unconditional Love


"No Time For Seasons" out April 6th

01 Chapter

02 Time traveller 

03 Legacy

04 Trap for memories

05 kicking the bucket

06 17th

07 Ocean

08 Inertia

09 Mrs Rose

10 Heavy with secrets

11 Earthquakeftt


Released on NO REASON RECORDS (It)



True travellers - Italian tour 2018

In less than a month, I'm gonna hit the road with my men Yotam Ben Horin, Matteo Caldari, and Zetka Mas Romain !

I'm very excited and hope you guys will come out!!!


Good times make good friends

Happy to share the stage with the handsome Tim Vantol in Lyon Next week (November the 14th) @ The kraspek Myzik!


He's currently on tour with my one on my hero Tim Van Doorn! GO check them live, they are both good as f***!

Paris: good time spent with Mister Joey Cape and the whole One Week Team

Recording session: my men!!!

Thanks to all of you guys who helped me out in order to record my new album. This one is produced by my brothers Joe McMahon of Smoke or Fire/Nothington and Tim Van Doorn. It's been recorded, mixed at Big Dog recordings studio in Antwerp (Be) and mastered by Bram Dewachter.


Frank turner/ Le marché Gare

Hi, I'm Very proud to announce I'm gonna open up for M. Frank Turner  and M. Forest Pooky on March 29th.