"Even tigers have a heart"

New EP  out March 17th!

available on Bandcamp/Soundcloud


1 Heart shaped lock

2 Right/ Wrong

3 May 16 (Lagwagon cover)

4 It goes without saying

5 From love to hate

6 Settle down

First album: Safe and sound (2015)


1. Emotional disease

2. When tears were off 

3. Sharing my bones

4. Safe & sound

5. A path close to you

6. Heart connection

 7. Who knows how to keep me alive?

8. I should not tell you the end

9. Promised

10. Kid's game

12. Back home

 Available on Itunes / Spotify


Split CD

Between the lines

Split CD (2015)

Yotam (Useless ID/ Is)

Phil Park (Fr)


1: Heart shaped lock

2: I'm a fool

Safe & sound

Acoustic EP (2014)


Acoustic songs from

the album Safe and sound.

Split CD (2014)

Roma Wreckman (Russia)


1: Around my planet

2: It must be the last dance

3: Malone